Google Performance Max is suitable for campaigns that are presented across multiple different channels. The project is convenient for those who want messages to change in real time and have clearly defined goals. Automated GPM campaign capabilities Google Performance Max reduces the amount of manual work involved in managing advertising campaigns. The user only needs to provide key information regarding the campaign goals, its budget and key indicators. Google independently manages targeting and display of ads, automatically controlling the budget and selecting bids. Automated GPM campaign capabilities.


In Performance Max Google Ads you can do it with

virtually no user interaction – the system will independently collect the necessary information and build an advertising campaign based on it that meets your goals. However, this approach has a significant drawback – the presence of a noticeable delay in obtaining results. It may take Google 6 to 8 weeks to collect and study data about your target audience. Only after such debugging will the campaign begin to work and bring results. From this we can conclude that user participation in the process of building an advertising campaign is desirable. Can work at the same timecontextual advertising in Google Ads, as well as a new project being implemented. Although not fully automated, Performance Max does a fair amount of the manual work involved in setting up ad impressions across multiple platforms.


The built-in bidding mechanism makes it easier to achieve your goals

The task of managers is to provide the system with initial data for quick launch, as well as control and adjustment of the campaign. In Performance Max, you can easily set up to show ads only to new customers. For this purpose, there is a built-in Customer Acquisition feature that allows you to easily identify those who do not yet know about your business. In Performance Max you can easily customize your display Attracting new customers may involve a decrease in traffic volume and an increase in cost per lead, but often this approach can improve the effectiveness of the campaign. Marketers have not come to the same conclusion regarding Performance Max Google Ads: some do not like the information limitations in the form of a lack of intermediate data, others are delighted with the capabilities of machine learning. Advantages and disadvantages of Performance Max Overall, Performance Max is an interesting and promising solution. However, like any type of campaign on Google sites, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

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