In fact, if you belong to this group, it may sound Porter Forces quite familiar to you, since it is taken into account when establishing a business model. However, there are many companies today that do not know it and do not take it into account. This is because they come from a totally different sector and business terms escape them. And that is why they usually fail in terms of strategy. Analyzing the matrix is ​​essential to create the business model and the strategy that will be carried out. In this article I will explain what Porter’s 5 Forces are, what they are for and how to do an analysis of the 5 competitive forces to be successful as a company.

Bargaining power of customers Porter Forces

hey have the power to Porter Forces  decide who to buy from. This means that businesses are “at their mercy” and cannot do and undo as they please or look out for their own benefit. I don’t know if you know what cartels are . Whether that’s the company data case or not, I’m going to explain it to you briefly. Cartels are agreements at the price or production level between companies in the same sector to establish, for example, similar prices. In this way they are looking out for their own benefit and the client has no power. Cartels are illegal and that is why a lot of competition is encouraged, so that the client has the power to choose.

Rivalry between Competitors

How to have creative thinking. Creative thinking is the process that occurs in our brain. Therefore, allowing us to create new DV Leads solutions to old problems or. However, new ways of seeing the world through reflection and innovation. Successful entrepreneurs are distinguished by having a special combination of skills and abilities. the difference is creative thinking. In an increasingly competitive market.













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