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Enthusiastic about producing several flagship digital works. Nncluding : One DJA This is the application system created by. Didik and his team within the Directorate General of Budget (DJA). This web-based application has changed the budget planning and budget revision mechanism from manual to digital.    The State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) have used it.  Station in Papua, and all the Embassies of the Republic of Indonesia in other countries. Everything is made easier by One DJA created by Didik and this team. Working units can now submit proposals and monitor their budget revision process anywhere and at any time.

DJA environment for various needs.

Screenshot of Didik’s work: One DJA DJA Single Window (DSW . This is an integrated system containing communication media discussion .  And support for the implementation of tasks and functions within the . The DSW system ws data provides features in the form of modules .  The modules provided are Discussion Forum, Budget Revision, Correspondence, Meeting Room, References, DJA Employees, Presence, Package Information, DJA Gallery, and administrator module (source: website: DJA ).   Work from Home (WfH) – these two systems have made it easier to collaborate, connect between employees, and complete work within the organization. What are the challenges of building a technology-based public.

Strong motivation makes Didik not

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Service system? According to Didik, in government digital work is not . Profit-oriented, as is the case in the private sector. Screenshot of Didik’s work: DJA Single Window (DSW) #2 Focus on Goals Nothing can beat the power of self-motivation. The strength to move forward comes from oneself, precisely from the intention TWD Directory to learn. What do you want to achieve? “Everyone is moving to new technology, including public services. As a programmer in a government environment. I want to create systems that are built, advanced and up-to-date .” (Educate) Didik believes that digital- based public services will help realize a better transformation of government services . And all his efforts to learn and build public.

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