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Walking along the streets of Sosnówka, you can admire the preserve examples of architectural achievements of the past centuries. Sosnowka forests Old, mossy boulders with fantastic shapes can be found just a few minutes from the center of the village. Going in the direction of Sosnówka Górna, it is enough to leave the main road, from the street, from the street Cieszrzepy, into the street Dębowa, pass the stylish building of the Crown of the Karkonosze Court, and after a while you find yourself in a different world. This somewhat forgotten route can be a great attraction, especially for lovers of adventure and discovering romantic places.

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Already at the very beginning of the forest, on the left, we can find stone walls and memories of the old romantic corners with alleys and benches. Currently overgrown and mossy, they are not so visible anymore, but traces of their former Latest Mailing Database glory are still visible. Probably some old, forgotten trail ran here. Depending on the mood and condition, we can continue the hike straight into the forest, or deviate slightly to the left, following a large curve to reach forest lakes and the Re Valley. From there, either return along the shorter, asphalt road or continue along the path and return to the center of Sosnówka along the lagoon. Company integration in the forest.

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Addition to the undoubte scenic values

A walk in the forests around Sosnówka, in also has health-promoting properties. Why? Just walking through the old woods strengthens TWD Directory the immune system. “Forest baths” in primeval beech, fir and pine forests with rich herbaceous undergrowth bring us undoubte benefits. Not only soma gains from it, also the psyche will quickly feel the beneficial effects of contact with the old tree stand. And at the same time, Sosnówka is a real paradise for mushroom pickers, which is worth using during integration events and suggesting a joint trip to the forest for mushrooms.

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