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 Peter Drucker “ Marketing is so basic that it cannot be consider a separate function. It is the business as a whole seen from the point of view of its final result. that is. from the consumer’s point of view . ” Peter Drucker “ Many small things have been made big by the right use of publicity . ” Mark Twain “ It is more important to adopt the correct strategy than seeking immiate profit. ” Philip Kotler “ Our choices are endless when we understand today’s digital environment. as well as our opportunities .

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We ne to delight them .” In this sentence. Kotler perfectly summarizes the importance of providing unique experiences for each customer. This is because. in the face of fierce competition. captivating customers is essential to stand out . After all. satisfaction is no longer enough. It is necessary to surprise and leave a lasting impression: “One of the most popular clichés in Marketing special data today is to say that a successful company is one that always exces customer expectations . Meeting customer expectations will only satisfy them; exceing them will delight them.

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 It’s the perfect opportunity to connect emotionally with them. getting to know their deepest desires and what solutions they’re looking for. So don’t waste time looking for customers for your products. Focus on finding TWD Directory products for your personas ! Process Model for defining Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Personas 5. Henry Jenkins bill Gates”That which does not propagate.

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