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Therefore,  For brands and sellers active in multiple markets, choosing a multi-channel software provider can be a critical factor for success. If you choose the wrong multi-channel software provider, you can experience problems with inventory, orders, and product listing synchronization across your sales channels.

If you choose the right multi-channel software provider, you can get all the benefits of having a single management console and not have to jump through multiple seller center interfaces to calculate inventory, process orders, and manage your product listings. SE Asia is still a relatively immature market with 15+ active multi-channel software providers aggressively marketing SE Asia brands and sellers.

ID Evaluation criteria Description

1 Listing & Pricing Management Feature coverage and feature quality related to product listing management in several online sales channels (, marketplace, social commerce).
2 Management Inventory phone number list Feature coverage and feature quality related to inventory and stock management in several online sales channels (, marketplace, social commerce).
Comparing Multi-Channel Software Providers for Lazada and Shopee SellersFounded in 2014, SELLinAll multi-channel software manages orders, inventory and reporting for sellers across a large number of markets. With a large number of integrations and 5+ years of experience working with popular integrations in Southeast Asia – SELLinAll is one of the most respected and trusted multi-channel Software in Southeast Asia. Employees: 63 employees in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India Established: 2014 # Subscriptions Claimed: Not available to the public Leading Brand Clients: HydroFlask, Melissa, Medela Primary Target Market: Singapore, Malaysia

Inventory Management Score

phone number list

Therefore,  SELLinAll does offer a pretty cool pricing automation feature that allows users to set automatic pricing rules for specific SKUs. This is always a risky endeavor for sellers and brands, but for those intrepid brands/sellers looking to automate repricing – SELLinAll offers a clean solution for you. Score: A

Once integration is set up in SELLinALL, inventory is automatically synced and tracked across multiple sales TWD directory channels. Sellers/brands can view inventory values ​​at individual sales channel level and .

Price Management List and Score
This multi-channel software covers all the must-have scopes needed by brands and sellers in Southeast Asia. Product lists and single and bulk product price updates are supported. With just a few clicks, you can migrate your listing data from one marketplace to the next. One nice feature that is not so common is SELLinAll’s support for HTML custom templates for product descriptions in various markets. This is valuable for more sophisticated sellers who want more than text in their product descriptions.

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