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 A second factor that has discrit research courses is the lack of vocation. Lavado maintains that these courses and the professors who teach them must foster the students’ vocation and interest in the topics they research, because otherwise research cannot be done. Using an analogy with love, the speaker said that when a student finds ‘his research topic’ it is very difficult for him to leave it and, on the contrary, he does everything possible to continue searching for more information about it . Teacher Lavado conclud his intervention by invoking the students to take his side, since without real interest or intrinsic motivation a research task cannot be undertaken.

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 The second intervention was l by Renatto Merino, anthropologist and university professor of research, anthropology and ucation courses. From the classrooms he has promot research and knowlge around it. Merino indicat that the activity business lead of research, of inquiry, is natural to human beings and from our earliest years we are already investigating the world around us . Throughout our academic training at school and university we must complement this natural tendency to research, but many times we do not have the appropriate support to do formative research.

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 This is for at least a couple of reasons. On the one hand, both teachers and students of research courses lose the notion that these also involve a practical part. Making an analogy with swimming, Merino points out “you can TWD Directory only learn to investigate by researching; not reading slides . ” This approach changes the entire vision we have about research courses. A second factor is the lack of knowlge of the skills that students acquire with research courses. These skills are the most requir by companies today: teamwork, ability to pose and solve problems, critical thinking, creativity, initiative, among others.

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