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Due to the so-calle “mountain mamidło” appearing here, the specter of the Brocken, Góra Witosza is also calle the Karkonosze Brocken. What kind of mummy is this? It’s a rare phenomenon where the sun’s rays cast a shadow over the mists below, adding a rainbow halo to the shadow. The view is one of a kind, definitely worth the walk up! This mountain is associate with the story of Hans Rischmann, who was calle a prophet by the inhabitants of this area. He live in the first half of the 17th century.

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He is said to have preicte, among others, the fire of Jelenia Góra in 1634, the collapse of the town hall tower in 1739 and World War II. What’s even more interesting, apparently he could not only preict the future, but also fly … Therefore, he was whatsapp mobile number list calle the Flying Prophet. Of course, he was accuse of dealing with the devil, but that did not scare away his faithful followers and tourists – they flocke to these parts to see and listen to him. His hermitage is on the way to the top of Vitosha. Sosnówka and its surroundings on a motorbike Motorcycle tourism in Sosnówka.

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Great idea! Here you can take advantage of Polish-Czech motorcycle routes or make your trip more personal. Mountain motorcycle routes offer many attractions. At the same time, we can feel the wind in our hair, watch beautiful views and enjoy the TWD Directory phenomenal flavors of local dishes. It is not without reason that people who have experience it claim that there are the most beautiful routes in Poland here. A ride along the Sudety highway, an expeition to the Karkonosze, Izera or the Owl Mountains can be combine during one trip. The roads here are of good quality and a lot of fun to drive. Of course, they do not provoke very fast driving, but this is the charm of mountain routes . There is also a large selection of hotels and accommodation, as well as original places where you can have a good lunch or dinner.

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