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You do the sales tunnel once , analyze the results, improve, test, analyze and maybe improve a little more. So in the spring of 2016, I firmly decided to succeed in building the sales tunnel and tested it several times during the year. In the beginning, I tried to be a little too hip… This is how you make €8,023.10 in passive sales in four months (Case Study) This is how you make €8,023.10 in passive sales in four months (Case Study) …but the more I tested, the simpler the sales funnel became. This is how you make €8,023.10 in passive sales in four months (Case Study) A 3-step strategy for building a sales funnel in email  requires three elements: The right sign-up gift for email list members (although in some cases this is not necessary, but it is already the topic of another case study) Correct number of emails after joining The right sales technique The right joining gift, i.e. a lead magnet

Building a sales tunnel in email

The right lead magnet means that it is made with the final product in mind. If you’re selling 35+ mother-friendly mindfulness relaxation exercises at the end of the sales tunnel, your lead magnet special data shouldn’t be a yoga video. A joining gift should be suitably short and easy to “consume” but still activate the recipient. Read more: Make a joining gift (LEAD MAGNET) that is really useful for the reader Correct number of emails after joining The right amount means a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 emails. The number of emails depends on the product you are selling. Expensive products require more “warming up” of the audience, while inexpensive products are bought with less thought. At first, you send 1-3 welcome messages that activate and engage the reader to open your emails. After that, you proceed in a logical order towards sales. Every message builds credibility and trust.  trust. If the reader doesn’t trust that you can help them, there is a very high probability that the purchase will not be made.

Every sales transaction is a test of

 After the welcome messages, you send 4–6 warm-up messages, followed by 1–2 sales emails. This part of the sales tunnel is the hardest, longest and heaviest of all. Writing, testing and editing emails can take a long time. If you read the post to the end, I will tell you a couple more specific things that will help you to write a message in less time. The right sales TWD Directory technique As I already said before, through emails you can engage the reader and build trust really effectively. That is why trust should be allowed to build in peace, and it should not be broken by sending sales messages right from the first message. No one wants to be the first to receive “buy, buy, buy” sales messages. It’s good to tell the reader that you will send sales emails at some point, but that the time is not yet. Also read this: TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers The right sales technique is subtle and respectful of the reader. In fact, when you write sales emails the right way, the reader won’t even notice that they’re being sold to, they’ll want to buy. A good example of this is a couple of reader feedback.

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