Failure without losing enthusiasm

Zig Ziglar “ People don’t buy goods and services. They buy relationships . stories and magic . ” Seth Godin “ A good story has to be true. even when completely invent. ” Adilson Xavier “ Brands that can connect with the customer in a real way will win. ” Gary Vaynerchuk “ Use every customer touchpoint to weave stories about who you are and what your brand stands for .” ” Gary Vaynerchuk “ No brand is more than the content it produces. ” Martha Gabriel “ Excellent content inspires us to take action.

Churchill Success is going from failure to

Because you can improve something that exists. but not something that doesn’t exist. ” Aaron Ross Dorie Clark“ If it doesn’t work. it’s not a failure. It’s given . ” Dorie Clark “It’s great to celebrate success . but even more important is to assimilate the lessons brought new database by the mistakes we make.” bill Gates Larry Page “ It’s hard to fail completely when your goals are very high. ” Larry Page So. did you like the content? What did you think of the Digital Marketing phrases I shar in this article? If you lik it.

No longer enough to simply satisfy customers

 Bill Gates bill Gates”Your most dissatisfi customers are your greatest source of learning .” Yes. you read that right! If given due attention. dissatisfi customers are also true treasures for the growth of your business because they reveal insights that can be appli in different areas — from content creation to improving the product or service itself. In addition to avoiding the same mistakes. by identifying what is not pleasing . it is also possible to direct efforts to develop tailor TWD Directory solutions and attract (and retain) more customers! In other words: this customer-centric culture allows you to create irresistible offers.

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