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 I am going to analyze them one by one so that you can The best evaluate them. thoroughly. To be fair and not put them according to my preference. I can tell you that it will be very difficult for it to generate profits due to the great competition that exists in almost all major sectors of the global market. make money with online ecommerce store Keep in mind that an online store is much more than uploading your products and waiting for someone to search for them on Google. I have order them alphabetically: Base price Contacts. Shipments/month Base plan automations Spanish ActiveCampaign From $9 per month 500 Unlimit. Yeah Yeah ActiveTrail From $9 per month 500 Unlimit Yeah Yeah Acumbamail. From €0 per month 250 2,000 Yeah Yeah AWeber From €0 per month 500 3,000.

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Basic No Benchmark From €0 per month 500 250 No  €0 per month 300. Unlimit No No Doppler From €7.99 per month (90-day Free Trial) 500. You have to work hard and well on SEO , and this is a lot of work, because for each product alone you will have to work very well on the descriptions, explain the characteristics, have good photos (even videos) and then have all that work bear fruit in Google, which does not mean that you are going to sell. Unlimit Yeah executive data Yeah Easymailing From €0 per month 250 2,000 No Yeah E-Goi. From €0 per month 100 Unlimit No Yeah GetResponse From €0 per month 500 Unlimit .No Yeah Mailchimp From €0 per month 500 2,500 No No MailerLite From €0 per. month 1,000 12,000 Yeah No Mailify From €159 per month (30-day Free Trial) Unlimit Unlimit Yeah No MailJet From €0 per month Unlimit 6,000.

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No Yeah Mailrelay From €0 per month 80,000 80,000 Basic Yeah MDirector From. €0 per month 5,000 20,000 No Yeah Sendinblue TWD Directory From €0 per month Unlimit 300 (per day) No Yeah Analysis of  Email Marketing tools Below. I am going to tell you more details about each of The best email marketing tools. ActiveCampaign activecampaign ActiveCampaign is a tool that was not very well known a while ago, but  in entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Began to use it, it has grown a lot in presence and has become one of email marketing tools .

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