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The brazilian beauty & style influencer. In the post of her on board a singapore air plane. Receiv over 200k likes and more than 2 thousand comments. Gala gonzalez . Consider one of the most famous spanish fashion bloggers. Is chosen by hugo boss for the #bossxjeremyville campaign . Granddaughter of the spanish designer adolfo dominguez. She has a collection with her brand. But nevertheless she does not give up her role as brand ambassador for the biggest names on the international scene such as maserati. Bulgari. Dior. Dkny. Kiehl’s and chanel . And again. The american online shopping giant revolve sign its first collaboration with aimee song last august .

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Brands are increasingly aware that celebrities have a safe and important reach. But that fashion bloggers have the real power to help them indirectly influence the behavior of their target. Bloggers are close to their community and care about it than a celebrity ever could. The new face of brand ambassadors fashion and beauty brands are seeing their engagement rates increase quarter over quarter. Accomplices of this increase are the influencers themselves. Who are hir by the best brands to launch sponsorships and business email list advertising on social mia. Among the most relevant examples to cite. There is camila coelho’s partnership with singapore airlines .

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Celebrities appear unattainable. No matter who they are. And ultimately it’s logical: if we see a celebrity wearing a dress. It’s clear that we want to wear it too. But if we see it on a blogger. Then it means we can have it (or at least we have the feeling we can actually have it). TWD Directory Sponsorships no longer appear authentic in the eyes of consumers it’s a fact. Articles written by independent experts are on average 58% more effective than sponsor content at creating brand affinity and influencing consumer purchasing decisions (according to a 2013 study by the nielsen agency ) . Consumers of luxury goods trust the experiences of ordinary people to make their purchasing decisions.

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