How to Make Money with Friends by Referrals

Recently we have been increasingly witnessing a change in consumer behaviour, particularly following the outbreak of the pandemic, which has led people to approach a more sustainable lifestyle. The consumer today is more attentive to supporting the local supply chain rather than the global one and spends more time finding information about what he consumes. You too will have noticed it when you go shopping at the supermarket: some people spend a few minutes contemplating the vastness of brands of a single product before proceeding with the purchase, comparing the labels, looking at the wording of the ingredients, trying to understand the supply chain etc.

Analysis of the critical and aware consumer

The way people shop nowadays says a lot about b2b leads the prototype of the average consumer. In particular, the so-called “critical consumer” is emerging more and more, i.e. someone who buys taking into account the impact that their choices have on an environmental and social level. The critical consumer actively searches for the information deemed necessary to support the purchasing and sustainable consumption process and this occurs mainly through social channels. We therefore see how in a fast-moving and constantly changing world , the critical consumer tries to take time to understand what the market offers in order to make thoughtful choices.

The impact of daily choices on food waste

Consumers therefore have the opportunity to make DZB Directory sustainable choices, which have a positive impact globally. In fact, the choices on which our actions in everyday life are based can have a positive influence in terms of preventing food waste. We can choose organic foods, we can avoid going to large stores and buy fruit and vegetables from our trusted fruit and vegetable shop, we can avoid buying products packaged with too much plastic and prefer loose products.

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