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he best month is undoubtedly the month, with a number of users and more page views. Who will tell me about February! The lifting of the restrictions resulted in a predictable and significant decline, as people now have other things to do than watch tv and connect to their phones, but blogs have picked up again and the number of users has remained stable over the year. Almost all the time.

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 In short, the average annual monthly number of users is – and the new data average number of page views is – . Users have grown, page views have grown . Just complain and listen! another impressive aspect of the subscriber list launched this year is lead development. Just as I owned – a subscriber – at the end of the year for poorly planned lead magnets, my subscriber count has exceeded every year due to changes in focus.

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 Very good! one of the most notable achievements of this year is undoubtedly the successful establishment of my training academy, ( is currently very humble ) and launched my first information product. That was the goal I had to get rid of the formation TWD Directory firing problem, and I achieved it. I don’t have anything to sell, but I’m also not very ambitious: honestly, the topic of training has created a lot of fear and doubt in me.

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