Imagina Energía and Thinketers invite us to stop thinking

The strategic and creative work that Thinketers and Imagina Energía have been developing since the launch of the latter in Spain as the first 100% solar energy company , consists mainly of breaking down barriers. The barriers that a new energy company like Imagina Energía encounters to establish itself in a saturated sector and complicated context. And communication barriers, such as the one represented by the stereotypical image that the average user has about energy companies: non-transparent companies, unclear invoices and cumbersome processes. «A year after the launch of Imagina Energía to the residential market, we once again reinforce why we are talking about a different company.

We created 3 spots with 3 different protagonists

And it is definitely ‘Not all energy sources are the same’. We highlight at a strategic and rational level what are those brand attributes that invite top industry data the user to ‘Stop thinking’ about the way that traditional companies have been working, so that they connect with a much more current, 100% sustainable one. , transparent, who does understand you and speaks your own language,” says Stephanie Molina, Strategy Director of Thinketers.Therefore, with this new campaign, Thinketers set the goal of breaking down some of those barriers, specifically those built on prejudices. “To think that we all pay the same for electricity or that raising the price of a promo is normal, is a perception very far from what Imagina Energía can offer its customers.

Personalized experience and support for solar energy

If you can’t see the embedded video correctly, click here . The campaign, which revolves around three audiovisual pieces and adaptations for the TWD Directory different channels, is disseminated through a transmedia strategy that is achieving great impact on the energy company’s target audience. Andrea Fernández, Marketing Director of Imagina Energía, highlights that “the innovative proposal based on price without increases,leaves its mark on the Spanish consumer and makes Imagina Energía the independent energy company with the highest growth rate. in the residential sector in 2022.

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