Isuzu has organized an army of the best cars

Isuzu has organized a variety of vehicles. Showing off at the 40th. Motor Show between 27 March – 7 April 2019 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT. Muang Thong Thani, leading the army with the special edition ” Isuzu. Mew-X” ! The Onyx ” that will spark new feelings. in you with special decorations to Responding to a variety of lifestyles New ! Isuzu Equipped with 6- point. Sabelt seat belts, performance comparable to a racing car. To be used as a safety car ( Isuzu Safety Car) leading the race car parade into the race field. All models of the competition “ISUZU ONE MAKE RACE 2019” also come to show at this event. 

Bringing the special edition "Isuzu Mew-X!

Tri Petch Group by Mr. Toshiaki Maekawa, Managing. Director of Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Phone Number List Company Limited, revealed that“ Motor Show 2019 is being held for the 40th time with the concept. Therefore, Isuzu has brought ” Isuzu Blue Power ” cars in various models, both with 1.9 and Power engines, led by a special model that comes with. Decorative sets which have a unique design to meet the diverse lifestyles of customers, including the special edition Isuzu. Mew-X ! which increases the line-up to cover both 4- door and 2 -door models. Blue Power engines for those who love cool pickup trucks and “ New!


Luxurious multi-purpose vehicle that will hold Sparks a new feeling within you. With sharpness…dark, emotional, with a hint of sportiness. With the  decoration set . Helps add dimension to the atmosphere. with full comfort. Responds to every driving style. With  2- wheel drive system. Powerful but saves on fuel and is the most environmentally friendly in TWD Directorycars of the same class. The privilege of diesel technology from Isuzu, ready to increase  your confidence. 

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