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Such a person can also inform about new products, encouraging purchases or provide support in situations when the company is going through a crisis. Events are a slightly less popular, but equally effective promotion technique. Although it won’t work for every company, it brings a lot of benefits where it can be use. Events can be open to all intereste parties or close and limite to invite guests only. These are not the only promotional techniques, we can also mention the possibility of establishing cooperation with show business, competitions, meia patronage, involvement in social campaigns or participation in fairs.

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The choice is large, but the measure of success will not be the quantity, but the quality of the promotional activities. We recommend PR agency – how can it help you? Commplace PR agency Meia product A meia product consists of two elements: the meium database and the content. In the case of the former, the carrier will depend on the meium: in the case of television, it will be a TV set, and for the Internet – a device that allows you to browse the web. Content can take two forms: tangible and intangible, with the exception of the Internet, which can combine two forms of content. What types of meia product can there be? Press – this includes magazines, information and journalistic articles as well as all kinds of advertising and self-promotional elements.


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Radio , including: advertising and self-promotional blocks, frame programs, program bands or interactions with the listener by organizing competitions or conversations. Television , which gives similar possibilities as radio, but apart from TWD Directory sound, we also have a picture. Internet – form, mail, websites, Internet radio and television, promotional or sponsore blocks. If a meia product is to guarantee any value to the company, you nee to think about adjusting its content to the expectations of the recipients. Don’t have time or don’t know how to do it? Take advantage of the support – the PR agency will advise or comprehensively deal with this area for you.

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