Knowing how to position yourself strategically

 It is a fact that the growth rate of e-commerce in italy has always been double-digit. In 2020. Some sectors reach  growth peaks of 90% (netcomm 2020 data source) . How to exploit this opportunity? Building an ecommerce site from scratch. Where to start? Investing in one ecommerce software rather than another. Knowing how to position yourself strategically. Relying on amazon or not… These are some of the questions to explore before creating an ecommerce site. We have given space to these and other questions through our e-commerce marketing lab course.

He will be able to orient you and help you understand

 In fact. We know how expensive it can be to asia email list create an e-commerce site from scratch. Or to refine your online presence with a strategy that manages to optimize scarce resources such as time and money. For these reasons we have decid  to provide you with a path with fabio scafoletti (not only a teacher with years of experience. But also an entrepreneur in the e-commerce marketing sector). He will be able to orient you and help you understand if e-commerce is actually an opportunity for your business and will provide you with all the information on how to manage an e-commerce that works.

Trends and competitors

asia email list


 Here you will find the complete program of the course . For example. We will talk about which platform to choose. How to TWD Directory promote your online business on social m ia or with seo. How to organize content and the purchasing process . But not before having analyz  the market. Trends and competitors. This is because those who have a business must be able to understand and manage these complex aspects and overcome the simple question of “how to create an ecommerce site.” understanding the market. Knowing the trends and your competitors are certainly not secondary variables compar  to the management of an ecommerce platform.

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