BCG matrix and how to make a Boston Consulting Group model

BCG matrix, Since web positioning is something so transversal. And that affects not only the online part of the planning. But the entire business plan itself. I organized the information into two large blocks. On the one hand, how to make an SEO strategy step by step. On the other hand the five typical mistakes that are made when raising it. Without further ado, let’s get started, I hope you enjoy it! How to create an SEO strategy step by step. When proposing an SEO strategy I always look at five parts or blocks. I’m not going to lie to you, I have a real predilection for the number five. You already know that it is little less than a magical number in Eastern culture. Chinese medicine or even in martial arts. Friker√≠as aside. I leave you with the steps to follow.

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BCG matrix, Your positioning in the market is good, but every day you start to have more competition. Here you have to develop new strategies that make you. More competitive and help you protect your market share . Elimination strategy As its name indicates, this Marketing strategy aims to permanently. Remove or remove a product from the company’s catalogue. Companies can carry out this strategy by eliminating part of the production chain because. for example, it is defective. Or also, definitively eliminating the manufacture of said product. Of course, we must communicate this decision to both customers and distributors. Harvest strategy It consists of designing a market. Exit strategy in an email leads organized manner. And when profitability drops or more productive sectors appear. Among other circumstances many companies implement this Marketing strategy.

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One of the main uses of the BCG matrix created by Boston Consulting Group is to know which. Are the distribution TWD Directory and sales channels of a company’s products that achieve a higher ROI (or return on investment). In this way, you can decide in a more strategic and profitable way. In which products to invest more resources and in which not. In the world of Marketing, there are 4 investment strategies that you can implement. Once you have done this strategic analysis of your products. Increase market share In this case. You must promote those products that you have detected that can become more profitable. And generate better profits in the short or medium term.

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