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Programmers who were much younger. In head 4, with enthusiasm, Didik is always looking for ways to automate the information management system in his office. His motto continues to encourage him: “If a job can be done by a system, why do you have to do it yourself? Just build the system.” If you feel insecure about other people’s greatness, remember Didik’s words that “Learning is not a race .” So? You can choose 1 of the following 2 things. First , make that person a virtual rival who motivates your learning. Or secondly , stop being bored by other people’s achievements and focus on your own growth. #3 Find the Right Way & Place to Study Not enjoying your current programming learning process? Maybe your way of studying is not right. Tutorials on YouTube are very helpful.

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If you are new to programming. basic level and want to move on to become an expert, you need to learn best practices , aka best practices from the industry. The goal is to make your work more scalable and easier to maintain. Didik has realized this, who has become a member of ws database Dicoding since June 2019. Over the past year, he has completed 6 classes in the Android, Front-end Web Developer and Machine Learning learning streams . At the end of 2020, Didik had a target to be able to build a Progressive Web Apps- based system at the Ministry of Finance. PWA is a system used to make a website look like a native application on mobile devices. Therefore, Didik is looking for learning opportunities. When he learned that this opportunity was present through the facilitation of Baparekraf Developer Talent from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative.

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 Through a study process of 195 hours, he smoothly graduated from elementary, intermediate and expert classes at Dicoding Academy . What is Didik’s opinion about the learning experience at Dicoding? What is its relevance? “ The methodology and way of thinking that I learned at Dicoding are best practices . The Dicoding Platform presents an example that I can apply to One DJA and DSW . With TWD Directory this reference, I am sure that I can develop the best work that is not just random. As a first step, I want to change the app notifications from SMS to push notifications. ” Don’t want to move forward alone To realize the above intention, Didik does not want to move forward alone. He faithfully cadres junior programmers in his office. Immerse them in projects in the office so that inevitably the team becomes united in learning. Closing the conversation.

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