Observatory on Mount Misen Another

The different paths also allow you to explore the entire area at the entrance to the sanctuary and you will surely enjoy contemplating the water under your feet.

Itsukushima shrine during the low tide
Itsukushima Shrine at low tide
The floating red Torii
The word torii means “bird’s dwelling. However, These gates were built as entrances to Shinto spirituality, to mark the separation between the mundane and the sacred .

The red floating gate is the entrance to Itsukushima Shrine  the Taira no

When the tide is high, both the gate and the Whatsapp Mobile Number List sanctuary appear to float on the water.  However, This is the best time to contemplate the most beautiful views and the favorite of photography fans.

At low tide, visitors can walk to the gate on the seabed itself.

At dusk, with the sunset , the gate and the sanctuary are illuminated for a few hours. You have night cruises that will allow you to enjoy this wonderful view.

At high tide, some of these boat tours take visitors through the torii gate, certainly a unique experience.

The great red floating torii in Miyajima

Daisho-in Temple
This is a historical site and one of the holiest for Shingon Buddhism . It is a unique temple that occupies a large area of ​​land and has:

As many of the visitors to the temple do, you can learn about and participate in some of the Buddhist rites and ceremonies .

On the steps leading up to the temple you will see a row of metal wheels

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With suntra ( Buddhist script) inscriptions.

Each Wheel Rotates on a Metallic Axis and It is Believed. That TWD Directory by Turning Them, Each One of Them Grants. The Visitor the Same Blessings That Its Written. Verses ( Suntra ) Contain.

This mountain is only accessible on foot or by cable car. However, There are three roads that start from the town and converge at its summit, which rises to 500 meters above sea level . Are:

If you dare to do any of them, the route to the top will take you between an hour and a half and two hours (one way).

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