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While the second, the internal ones, are those relat to our personality, personal organization and self-discipline (107), which if manag appropriately will allow us to achieve our objectives. An important factor in achieving success is time planning. According to cazares and silicio (2005), planning means being clear about what we want to achieve in the immiate term, short term, mium term and long term (109) . The time we invest in planning will be reward with increas efficiency and better results. Mackenzie m. & mackenzie a.

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State that the main reasons that lead us to postpone the start of our work are link to the fear of failure, the search for b2b leads perfection and lack of motivation. If the task to be carri out is complex or difficult, the expectations are very high or we are not very sure of our knowlge, we can postpone or avoid completing it. The solution is to take failure as a learning opportunity. Thus, if you are afraid of preparing a task, project or work, divide said task into smaller fractions and assign them a time for completion (85).

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A second reason that leads us to delay our duties is relat to a search for perfection that could leave us paralyz. If you face a situation of TWD Directory this type, simply set the time and day to start and the date to end (85-86). Likewise, facing an unpleasant task is another factor that forces us to postpone our duties, when it is precisely said task that we must perform first. To overcome this impasse, schule a start date for this work and establish a reward that will reward you at the end of your work (86).

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