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 But there is one last step that the vast majority forget or do not want to do. It is about the knowlge that has been produc being sharp and with it spurring others. In a critical way, debate on old dogmas or long-ago knowlge is encourag. That the university community is mov to react, to be amaz, to tell us what they think. Socrates said of himself that he was the gadfly of Athens, annoying and insistent, he only sought truth and knowlge. At this time I cannot conceive of any other way to escape cognitive isolation or apathy in university classrooms.

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 It will be necessary to start from scratch in some cases and assume the work of the bee by rereading books or relearning, or systematizing what has been learn like the spider. But, above all, rather than wait, do.The famous British b2b email list naturalist Charles Darwin once not that “a man who allows himself to waste an hour of his time has not discover the value of life . ” This phrase reminds us how undervalu this resource sometimes is. This fact occurs especially with young people, who waste much of their existence busy endlessly surfing the Internet or maintaining inconsequential communications, through text messages, using their mobile phone.

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 As a consequence of this fact, they present alterations in the quality of sleep, lack of concentration in studies, inefficiency in the performance of tasks and a sentary lifestyle. Below we will talk about the causes that generate this waste and we will cite some necessary guidelines so that you get the TWD Directory most out of your time. According to Casares (2005:107) the reasons that lead to the waste of our time can be due to external and internal factors . We almost always have no control over the first, as they come from any external element such as a phone call, an unexpect visit, an unforeseen situation, postpon decisions, unclear communications and instructions, etc.

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