Python is the programming language of 2018

The company’s professional activity consists in tracking, testing and evaluating software. Thanks to TIOBE’s efforts, millions of lines of code are monitored every day by specialists using tools developed by TIOBE based on Philips’ elegant compiler generator. Under such conditions, an annual summary is held and the “Language of the Year” is chosen. With its three titles, Python proves that a programming language can be so good. That it is recognized at the international level by specialists who are able to evaluate each of its aspects accordingly.

Python is so special

Python is a universal programming language that is used to write valid software code Phone Number List regardless of the field of application. Of course, the cleanliness and accuracy of execution depends on the person writing the code, but if Python did not meet the global programming standards. It would hardly be considered worthy of the title of “Language of the Year 2018” by TIOBE. You can make sure of the relevance of Python already today – in Khmelnytskyi. Courses in the coolest programming language are waiting for you. Visit Avivi Academy and

Application, study, career

The versatility, efficiency and simplicity of the Python language are the main reasons for a wide TWD Directory range of target industries, which are difficult to even imagine without this language: web development, complex scientific calculations, work with statistical data, software of arbitrary complexity, artificial intelligence systems, etc. But above all. Python is famous for its comprehensibility for a beginner. Thanks to its transparent logic and syntax, Python is the most promising language for those who take their first steps in IT – mastering this language not only theoretically scales to solve a wide variety of tasks. But also quickly begins to bring tangible professional benefits. Kickstarting your IT career at high speed is all about Python. An advantageous competitive position among equals is about those who “speak Python”. Because the value of such specialists only increases over the years.

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