Reasons why accessibility benefits your business

For over 25 years, WSI has provided digital marketing services and strategies Reasons why (including website accessibility checklists ). To businesses of all sizes across why accessibility various industries. Our host for this webinar and Digital Marketing. Consultant for WSI is Eric Cook , MBA, a recovering banker, award-winning web designer. Three-time author for Digital Minds. A Strategic Approach To Connecting And Engaging With Your Customers Online.

What is accessibility on a website?

The official definition in the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. Web accessibility means that websites, tools and technologies have company data been designed and  developed so that they can be used by people with disabilities.  Taking into account that each of the following has its own particularities, the categories of disabilities are among others.

Why is your website accessibility important?

Statistics give the best answer to this question. The world’s population has TWD Directory some kind of disability. Today that Reasons why translates into 56.7 million Americans, 80 million people. In the European Union and 20% of the Australian population with a disability. Of these, between 1 and 3% of the world’s population and about 6.5 million Americans have an intellectual disability. While 74.6 million have a physical disability. 59.6% of the US population with disabilities lived in a home with internet access.

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