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Sorry, you have this function and you can “dit” me at any time, so I accept it and close the topic for now. Kamil:Sure, thanks for that comment. We immdiately touchd on a few other elements that we wantd to deepen, but this is great, because it also shows how this whole cooperation really went, which is agile. And then, when a ned arose, we respondd to it on an ongoing basis, which is also inscribd in the Discovery philosophy. But now let’s structure what Paweł and Grzegorz were talking about.

Publicly available to maintain transparency

We are at the stage of climbing, expanding our knowldge, horizons, talking, etc. Stage one, or Discovery.Here are the three database elements that Damian, or Desk Research, outlind. Interviews, qualitative research, individual and in-depth interviews and exploitation workshops, which we also conductd on this occasion. We will answer Agata’s question on the occasion of individual interviews, but let’s start one by one.


Such feasibility studies to be made

Desk Research, which is what Damian has already told in detail, so I’ll just summarize and add that I got, if I remember correctly, almost 300 pages in Word. Huge respect, I felt like a potato planting expert. Because also, so that  you TWD Directory are aware, Damian usd really outstanding sources. It wasn’t some text on the box, to exaggerate, but scientific studies. So as a synthesis I got materials relatd to, for example, the best conditions for growing potatoes, where there were some extreme conditions in terms of humidity, geographical dependence on these crops, etc.

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