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To buy something we didn’t even know we ne. ” Andrew Davis “ The voice we hear every day. in every meeting. is the voice of the company. We don’t listen to customers. If you want to know how to boost your content. ask your customers . ” Adele Revella “ 100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don’t understand people . you don’t understand business . ” Simon Sinek “The goal of Marketing is to understand the consumer so well that the product or service fits them and sells itself.

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Ensuring your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. In fact. the next sentence is exactly about that! 4. Seth Godin Seth Godin“Don’t look for customers for your products. Find products for your customers .” This simple statement takes us back to an important reflection TWD Directory on the role of personas ! Digital Marketing is full of incrible opportunities. and understanding your personas is the first step to winning.

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