Selina Do Offer Sales Services But There Is No Evidence

The only downside to note for SELLinAll is their limited integration with logistics providers. They currently only support Ninjavan, Janio, and SATSACO for SEA sellers. Their main focus with integrations seems to be with Singaporean and Indonesian sellers so this might work if you’re a seller in Singapore or Indonesia, but likely won’t provide the integration you need if you sell throughout SEA or only in Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, or Thailand. Score: C+

Financial Management Score

SELL all offers reconciliation tool to allow brands and sellers to easily see the total settlement amount received from each market and the total market fee debited to your account. Using this feature, sellers database can save a lot of time on manual reconciliation and reviewing excel sheets. SELLinAll gets bonus points from my point of view for its integration with the most popular financial management and accounting software providers in the world – Intuit, Xero and Odoo.
Data & Insights ScoreSELLinAll offers several data-related features and insights that can help sellers and brands grow with data. They offer summary reporting for bestselling products, best selling categories, orders, and allow sellers to export orders and inventory reports for a single market or across all markets.Overall, SELLinAll’s feature set covers the most common requirements of brands/sellers but I think there is definitely room for improvement on the quality of reporting available to sellers. They have all the necessary data and engineering capacity to extend this functionality so I wouldn’t be surprise to see more data and insights features soon. Score: B-

Data Privacy & Conflict of Interest


Therefore,  From looking at SELLinAll’s current monetization strategy, there doesn’t appear to be any significant issues with seller account data usage.

Therefore,  SELLinAll do offer sales services but there is no evidence that they are selling themselves or are incentivize in any way to use independent customer data to grow their own sales. The services offere TWD directory are focuse on helping brands and sellers grow their revenue (which, in turn, results in increase revenue for SELLinAll as their pricing model is base on a % of revenue). So it seems a true win-win in terms of incentive alignment.

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