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SEO is one of the most multidisciplinary marketing fields. It’s intertwined with many other aspects: marketing channels, product, and development. SEO managers are here to make it all work like a well-oiled machine that aligns with the marketing strategy and business objectives. But what does an  do on a daily basis? What are the most important skills you need to become one? And how much can you expect to earn? We’ve got the answers. I reached out to some of my Twitter and LinkedIn connections with roles in their respective bios.

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The following SEOs who helped me put this article together: If you’re looking for a diverse job, you hit the jackpot. When I collated the answers from the article executive email list contributors, I got a big list of tasks and activities. I found there is an overarching sentiment that no day looks the same when you’re an SEO manager. The daily agenda depends on whether you’re an in-house employee working for one company only or in an agency managing multiple clients. For example, you can generally expect more tactical work in-house while the agency side has more meetings and strategy planning. I divided the daily tasks into four categories to make sense of it all. And we’re kicking it off with…

Management Well

SEO managers manage things and people. In smaller companies,  are often in charge of the whole SEO department and directly report to a CMO. In bigger TWD Directory marketing teams, there can be a head of SEO in between. Management can be seen as a vague term. So here’s an example list of managerial tasks that you can expect in this role:Tactics are how you execute your strategy to be successful. These are all the SEO techniques, hacks, efforts, activities, and all the other words you can find in the context of taking action. It comes down to the fact that you can execute thousands of different things as an SEO. But generally speaking, if an  gets involved in tactical tasks, those are usually the more advanced things that they can likely do better than others in their teams.

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