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Sharing a video tutorial of him using the product. Appreciating its “Viral” side. Similar content was shar on other social channels ahead of the launch date. When the product finally hit stores. Consumers want to share their usage experience on their youtube channels and fes. Generate brand awareness one of the main reasons that pushes brands to contemplate makeup tutorial videos l by influencers. As part of their marketing strategy. Is the guarante impact that the video offers. In addition to the scenarios highlight above. Brands leverage the power influencers have to talk about their products in a variety of ways. One of these is youtuber product mentions. Whether it’s must-see videos. Monthly favorites. Or seasonal-inspir looks. A brand can choose to become part of a trust youtuber’s recommendation and generate brand awareness through a more or less soft approach. Another popular trend is celebrity makeup artists doing makeup for all star beauty influencers.

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. Viral product launch the launch of viral beauty products is bas on a similar marketing strategy to the previous one. And who should you turn to if not influencers? Generally a viral product is design to attract the attention of a certain target audience. Encouraging them to share their personal experience with the product. A perfect example of this is glamglow’s gravitymud range of face masks and. In particular. The glitter ition which. Even today. Can be seen on social mia. In addition to using b2b email list  instagram. During the 4-month launch period. The brand us beauty youtubers to build hype before the product launch. Jeffree star help drive the campaign’s success by

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The 3 videos post on glossier’s instagram fe garner nearly 800.000 views in just 3 days . On the other hand. For rihanna’s fenty beauty launch in 2017. All star influencers were heavily incorporat into the launch strategy to connect with a large and diverse audience.  TWD Directory The cast of all star influencers includ beauty gurus jeffree star. Nikkie tutorials. James charles. Laura lee and. Of course. Rihanna herself. By engaging these. The launch of fenty beauty by rihanna effectively reach an impressive number of youtube users and quickly gain notoriety. You can read more about fenty beauty by rihanna in our #bbmoment series and learn about the brand’s winning strategies

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