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Honestly, I can’t get myself excited enough to take an uninterrupted course or build a membership. Nor will I spend my life on it, because I do not want to rely too much on training and support. At present, I prefer to grow into a professional step by step, the college is more support for network services, so I have a certain passive income to continue to add, calm some. More and more crazy money in the bank is not working for me. I prefer inner peace.

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Positioning one aspect of my ongoing daily work is search engine targeting, in other words, positioning latest database on google. every time I prepare content for a blog or do some work on a website, I always do keyword research and analyze my competitors to try to position myself above them. Blog this year my blog is staying longer than expected. I did work hard in the first half, but when I started to have quite a few web service clients, I was unable to satisfy and I was really able to post.

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Even so, counting this, I have published an article. Some of these are the ——s I’ve wanted to release for a long time, like this or this—— and I’ve done it successfully, so it’s fine. If you want to see more, come here. Channel at the TWD Directory time of writing, I had more subscribers on my channel than at the end of the year, so although I didn’t create many new videos this year, the growth was huge.

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