Started Formal Investment According to a Survey

Started Formal State Street Bank, among more than 100 workers, as long as there are printing plates 4 or 8 printing. Therefore, Machines equipped with CTP factories, CTP factories are most popular, but now 50-100 CTP company workers are most concerned about it. Currently, 42% of companies with eight printing machines are planning to introduce CTP. And 1/3 of these companies will purchase plate making machines in the near future. Most printing companies recognize CTP technology

Suitable for Large and Medium-sized Printing Companies

In order to remain competitive, CTP is indispensable. As the sales competition of CTP systems further job function email list intensifies, the price will also be reduced, but the policy of catalog printing and consumable equipment is often sold at the same time. 2. Workflow automation. The vice president of Mutikraft, a commercial printing company in Newsport, Oregon, talked about abandoning the DT-R3100 imagesetter and introducing the Platerite 800 thermal CTP.

At the British Ipex Exhibition

After the introduction of digital proofing the previous year, 100% CTP conversion was completed in just one day. After the TWD Directory equipment was in place, technical personnel including color management and instructors and input adjustments. Therefore, To the proofing machine kept production going smoothly. As mentioned above, CTP is a very mature technology. If it can be introduced, it will be great as soon as it is introduced. 3. See new products at the IPEX exhibition.

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