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Million euros in copyright for Targeted Reach Google Discover . CEDRO has taken Google to the commercial courts of. Madrid again to claim what they consider a debt derived from the sample. Of text fragments from different news and various digital publications, since other content aggregators are paying. CEDRO also assures that they already made the request to pay directly to Google for these copyrights when Google Discover was launched. And half a year later, in June 2021, CEDRO has once again reported Google to the CNMC (National Markets and Competition.

Since other content Targeted Reach aggregators are paying

Commission) for “abuse of a dominant position in the news category email list aggregation and advertising markets.” digital” due, again, to Google Discover. While the legal and judicial procedures continue, Google is already launching another service that could return Google News to Spain (in its new version). This is Google News Showcase , a program launched at the end of 2020 with which Google pays media outlets to show quality news in the search engine and, as we have seen, also in Discover. Google News Showcase is already active in more than a dozen countries such as Germany.

While the legal and judicial procedures continue

France, Italy, Austria, United TWD Directory Kingdom, Argentina, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Japan… and it is believed that it could already be working to close agreements with editors in Spain, although everything will depend on the judicial future. Will we see “Google News” again in Spain? Will we have Discover for a while? And that’s it for this guide to get to know Google Discover in depth! I hope that you found the content interesting and that it allows you to implement a content strategy to position yourself in this new channel. And if you have any questions left unresolved, do not hesitate and leave your comment. We read each other! See you soon!SEO.

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