Automation of Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse automation technologies have been gaining popularity over the past 10 years. The push has been particularly strong due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid growth of the eCommerce business sector. According to research by Statista and Allied Market Research, the global warehouse automation market will reach $30 billion in the next 3 years , and will almost double this figure to $57.6 billion by 2031 . More detailed analysis, necessity and examples of implementation of warehouse automation solutions can be found in the report.

Main features of ProTransport

If you are faced with a choiceTMSand want to know all the specifics related to the process of implementing this system, we are ready to satisfy your interest. We’ll tell you what you need to know about switching to custom development. What problems may Automation of arise and how to prepare for them. Transition from ProTransport to your own TMS. Look at the features of ProTransport ProTransport is a software solution for fleet Phone Number List management. It uses cloud-based technology to meet the needs of transportation professionals. Including multimodal transportation (such as light truck and off-road) and intermodal freight companies. This allows you to track the current location of the company’s vehicles, as well as promptly report the estimated time of their arrival at their destination. Below we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of ProTransport to better understand the features of this program and its role in helping businesses transition to a custom TMS system.

ProTransport: Pros and Cons Automation of

To summarize, the disadvantages of ProTransport are that the program is not entirely suitable for modern needs due to its inflexibility. Moreover, it is not easy to access. However, there are other aspects of ProTransport to consider. 

The program does the accounting, finds and tracks all transactions, and you can control everything in one system. In addition to this, the program’s key features TWD Directory provide security, accounting, reporting and other capabilities . Overall, with ProTransport, you can monitor your dispatch panel in real time and take advantage of all its features, such as quality reports. 

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