Weak AI is designed to perform

How come? Deep blue , a computer that could beat Garry Kasparov in the 1990s at pro chess in record time. This ability is programmed to help human work become more efficient. In relation, AI has two categories, namely weak AI and strong AI . specific tasks, such as answering questions based on user input or playing chess. Meanwhile, strong AI is designed with a cognitive system like humans. When strong AI is assigned, this system will provide good solutions without human role. He will learn on his own to solve a new problem. Whether we realize it or not, we often use artificial intelligence in our daily lives. The following is a review of 10 artificial intelligence that we use every day. 1. Streaming Video/Music Live Streaming Streaming has now become one of the world’s favorite.

This program can access all videos

Entertainment media. How come? or music easily and quickly. When we stream video, the program will display a quality that matches our signal capabilities. Usually when you start opening a streaming application, the application will present a variety of the latest content or current trends . Even without you asking, the application whatsapp database will provide recommended content based on the history or track record of your searches. This program was created so that users can spend a long time streaming . 2. Search Engine Browser You must be familiar with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This website is known for its know-it-all capabilities. In fact, intelligence is produced through contributions from the world community who share their knowledge with each other through writing or articles. 

The majority of search engines

 Are always competing to provide high accessibility so that users will be comfortable surfing the internet. AI in search engines lies in the system in learning the habits of its users. Usually AI will provide news or information to users according to their habits when searching for information. 3. Selfie feature Selfie TWD Directory Feature When you take fun photos using a smartphone camera , you often add features to your camera. Whether it’s in the form of filters, editing, beauty, and so on. There are also several camera programs that provide facial access so you can change your face from young to old. This feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the form of fac.

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