Whereby high-bandwidth and low-latency memory


The entire architecture of the components has been radically transform  to make room. If we can say so given the nanometric dimensions of the chip. For greater integration between the different hardware components. The flagship of this integration is the uma. Unifi  memory system . Whereby high-bandwidth and low-latency memory have been combin  into a single pool. If the new architecture and the very large quantity of transistors (never so many enclos  in a single chip) were to confuse you. The performance numbers should leave little room for doubts. Tests perform  using finalcut (video  iting software) and adobe lightroom (photo  iting software) demonstrate processing spe  increases of 4 to 7 times greater than an intel i7.

With the same consumption


 New m1 processor. Performance consumption africa email list ratio the new architecture of the m1 also puts apple at the top of the charts in the performance/consumption ratio; even reaching double the spe  compar  to a classic cpu with a quarter of the energy consum  by the latter. The graphics performance is also stunning ; while in common pcs there is a ne  for a d icat  processor (which requires energy). In the m1 the integrat  eight-core gpu manages to obtain. With the same consumption. World-class performance. However. What attracts the attention of even the most skeptical people in the apple world is certainly the 16-core neural engine inside the m1.

Apple certifi trainer and technician

africa email list


 The news of the apple world can hardly be summariz  in a few paragraphs; for this reason we thought TWD Directory of a free one-hour webinar conduct  by our teacher andrea fasoli to show us. Online. All the innovations that cupertino introduc  at the end of 2020. Andrea fasoli. Apple certifi  trainer and technician – has been teaching in espero for some time and studies apple products in depth; so don’t miss this opportunity to interact with him and ask him questions directly in real time! How to create an ecommerce? Webinar and training course ecommerce_marketing creating an e-commerce appears more and more like a necessity in these times.

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