The digital marketing skills you need to succeed

Non-fungible tokens (nfts) have explode in popularity recently and are clearly one of the big marketing trends for 2022. These digital assets are selling for eye-watering amounts. With the most expensive being a piece by digital artist pak. The merge. It sold to a group of collectors for $91.8 million in december 2021. Reportely the largest sum ever paid for a work by a living artist. In fact. Jp morgan estimates that nfts already have a total market value of $41 billion. Naturally. Brands are keen to get in on the action. Some have gone all-in on nfts.

Guess what

Guess what? Another change is coming. The metaverse and web 3.0 are here—and it’s likely to change digital marketing as we know it. To help you prepare new database for this brave new digital age. Here we explain what the metaverse and web 3.0 is as well as the digital marketing skills you will nee to succee. Let’s start with a quick recap of web 3.0 and the metaverse. A fairer internet first. We had web 1.0—the original incarnation of the internet that was launche in the early 1990s. This decentralize version of the web was limite in scope and forme the initial building blocks of the web 2.0—the hyper-connecte and increasingly personalize version of the net that we all know today.

Web 3.0 is the next stage in the evolution

 Web 3.0 is the next stage in the evolution of the internet—and it’s a concept that’s going to change the way we interact within the digital realm. This new version of the world TWD Directory wide web is an extension of the interconnecte. Mobile-centric. App-base evolution of the net and it is set to give users more control over their digital destinies. As web 3.0 continues to evolve. We will see things become more decentralize. Giving people the power to create their own branches of the web using emerging technologies such as blockchain. In this new. More immersive digital playing field. Users will have greater control over their personal data and. As such. Be able to use it as an asset.

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