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 How to do ecommerce? If it were enough to add the letter “e” to all the terms of traditional marketing to be able to transport knowl ge from the “real” world to the “digital” one. You probably wouldn’t be wondering how to create an e-commerce site. But. Simply. You would be browsing through some print  manual trying to apply what is already known to a rather chang  context. That little “e” in front of “commerce” instead contains a universe of elements. Practices. Adaptations and innovation that is perhaps difficult to trace in the world of traditional sales. Just as it is now difficult to understand the boundary between online and offline and their respective interactions.

The growth of ecommerce the distinction between


 Ecommerce. Great opportunity but also great europe email list confusion. Where to start? Is ecommerce an opportunity for your business ? Which is better . Amazon or a proprietary e-commerce site ? Do you promote on social m ia or with seo ? Focus on value or price ? We have thought of a free webinar (24 march. 6pm) to answer these questions and to help you understand if and how to integrate your current business model with the ecommerce channel. Sign up for the webinar espero webinar on ecommerce. Between myths. Legends and reality selling and buying online. The growth of ecommerce the distinction between the virtual world and the real world is now increasingly less clear.

The turnover of companies that have

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 We know that what happens online is now very real and concrete; this. For example. Is particularly true when it comes to TWD Directory  selling or buying goods and services on the web. The turnover of companies that have a significant online presence through an e-commerce site is in fact very tangible. Very real… And not very virtual! Now even less “experienc ” users – pun intend  – are able to make purchases online and their experience as consumers is exactly as important as that of those who purchase in physical stores. The internet has increas  opportunities . However. Not only for consumers . But also for many other players on the economic scene. Freelancers .

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