Your Complete Toolkit For Lazada And Shopee Sales

Split Dragon is software designed to give Lazada and Shopee sellers the ability to track and record important data (including SEO rankings).

By linking your market account to Split Dragon, you will synchronize all your product listings within your account so you can easily generate data insights (which will be very useful for effective store marketing).

You can create a free account on Split Dragon. It comes with a 7 day trial so you can test the service plans you have been interested in.

Once logged in, hover over your name and select My Connected Account from the dropdown.

Click Connect New Market to link your Lazada

Hover the pointer over your name again and then select to refresh your products.

How To Track Your SEO Ranking On Shopee & Lazada + Example
To track your SEO ranking, you need to add keywords to your product. It is also important to add excellent Latest Mailing Database keywords so if you don’t know how to do a thorough keyword research yet you can refer Keyword Research For Lazada And Shopee where we talk about doing keyword research efficiently via Split Dragon.

Just login to Split Dragon and click on Search Rank. This will open up additional options for setting up tracking of your search rank for Lazada or Shopee.

The first thing you need to do is select the product you want to track by clicking on it.

Type in your keywords and then click Add

Latest Mailing Database

For every keyword you add, Split Dragon will update your SEO ranking daily. This gives you an idea of ​​the changes to your product page in Split Dragon.

After adding keywords to your first product, you will need to repeat the process along with the rest of your Shopee products.

Search Rank Tracking – How to Track your SEO on Lazada and Shopee

You can also track your SEO ranking by heading to the Search Rank menu section in Split Dragon.

Search Rank Tracking – How to Track your SEO on Lazada and Shopee

Make sure that your views are still set to Shopee.

The Search Ratings section of Split Dragon lets you browse through all of your Shopee Products that are currently being tracked.

Search Rank Tracking – How to TWD directory Track your SEO on Lazada and Shopee

Click the arrow button so you can see how you rank for other keywords you’ve added for the same product.

Search Rank Tracking – How to Track your SEO on Lazada and Shopee

To get an in-depth view of your SEO ranking changes, click on a product. When you do, you will be taken to the actual product page (same in the Products section of your Split Dragon account).

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