The importance of reviews for online sales

Doing ecommerce . Therefore. Is not just creating an ecommerce site. But also understanding how to manage the different levers. Reviews. Images. Texts. For example. The importance of reviews for online sales/purchases let’s think about one of the mechanisms of traditional marketing. “word of mouth” . Intuitively we are l  to think that this element is pr ominantly part only of offline purchasing experiences ; a friend. A colleague or a relative suggests we buy that product and we. Trusting our interlocutor. Don’t think twice. And in the online world? In the world of ecommerce we may not have the opinion of a friend or aunt at hand. But we still rely on the opinions of someone. That is. Someone who has already purchas  that product and left a review on our site or on a d icat  platform (or perhaps a social network).

Users often aggregate into real communities

 Analyze the interests of our country email list target. What are e-tribes? Let’s go back to our little “e” for a moment. In the digital world. Users often aggregate into real communities which. For digital marketing scholars. Have the name of “tribes” ( e-tribe . Precisely). Unit  by similar interests. Passions and types of purchases . The tribes they can represent a source of wealth when we are able to intercept their ne s and desires… Or very simply. When we are interest  in knowing the trends of the moment. E-tribes are different from the buyers of the past. Of the pre-e-commerce world.

A frame from one of the most popular

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